A new year ahead

And it sounds challenging and exciting.
I had the opportunity over the past days to reflect on what sharing the gospel really means and wht the gospel is about.
We all know the gospel is to enable us “to go back to our Heavenly Father”. But we will all die someday so in one way or another we will all go back to him.
What does it mean to “go back to him”?

I believe the gospel is to help us to live better together now and to make us ready for a higher knowledge of things and purposes on the other side. Yeah but why living better together now? Isn’t what is awaiting for us more imortant than anything else?
We are preparing right now what is ready for us on the other side so there is nothing more important than what is happening right now in our lives. What is on the other side is ont the other side and is for latter.
Now we have to learn and love those who are surrounding us no matter what (ooooh how much it hurts to write this). The best answer is “because we are asked it”. Yet if you just add two plus two the big picture starts showing a little. How can we live together up in Heaven if we can’t stand each other? Isn’t it what Hell is supposed to be about as Sartre said “Hell is other people”.
So yes, the gospel is about understanding that we won’t carry anything on the other side but the bounds of love we will have made and our personnal progression.
And talking about this I have realized how much I love this person that I consider my best friend. She has been going throught some rough times recently. Partly due to the choices she has made that I knew were wrong but not only. And I have realized that although she wants to have nothing to do with even the thought that God exists I can share the gospel with her. Not the religious theories but the fruits of it which implies to be here for her at any cost. Because she is my friend and because once this is over for us I know we won’t be together but she matters to me so much that I will do anything in my power for her to progress still, as much as we can there, because she is my best friend and I want the best for her.

Oh and I have been eventually released from the nursery after almost a year and a half.
Maybe I will get my endowments back this year (after two years instead of one).

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