Last Sunday

Was just a dream Sunday.
Sacrament meeting was just wonderful. I felt the spirit so strongly. You could tell all the talks were inspired.
I loved to hear my bishop. this guy is a great guy. He is far from being perfect and more than once did I feel like punching him. But he is the kind of guy who just serach honestly to know God’s will. the problem is that he serach to know it more than to understand it. But you can’t expect much from a former soldier.

I really like this guy.

He is the kind of guy to who God just has to say “do this” or “do that” and he’ll just do it. and when he is on the other side if God tells him “you know what? The muslims had the truth” well he’ll become muslim on the spot. And if God tells him something like “you know what? This all opposite gender thing was really a Earth thing. We are actually all gay in Heaven” he will probably answer siomething like “er…give me a second please” And then will turn gay…just not on the spot this time. It may take him a minute or two to get adjusted to the new piece of info.

I know next sunday may not be as great as the last one but it was so good to get a free re-fill of the spirit. I mean I was not spiritually in need but I must say that I was physically tired (as I am going to be if I don’t go to bed soon!!!!). It was nice. I wanted to hug all the speakers.

One of them talked about tithing. I just hate how EVERYTIME people talk about tithing they have to talk about the blessings we are promised in return. And I hate even more when they talk about the blessings they have gotten from obeying this commandment.
Anyway the speaker just fell into all the wrongs I find in most talks about tithing but it was good still because the spirit was there.
It hard to explain how no matter how much this talk should have made me angry but still I felt it was good. Not liek the spirit was tetifying that blessings are true or whatever stupid thing people could come up to testify about when they feel the spirit. It was just exceptionnally all around. Like dwelling with us no matter what our short comings were.

I just want to remember forever this Sunday.

1 thought on “Last Sunday

  1. Awesome! Love meetings like that, where you can just feel the spirit. I wonder if it has more to do with your frame of mind, or with the speakers themselves–them being more spiritually prepared?

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