Almost done reading the NT

I must say that I enjoy the gospels a lot more than all the stuff about Paul.

I totally understand some of his reactions but so many things he says or the way he deals with events surprises me.

I am actually puzzled by the reasons why people chose to keep this rather than other writings. I like to listen to how people talk rather than what they say, what they don’t chose rather than what they do or when they remain silent. It tells a lot more about them. And I think that the fact that Paul’s writing were kept tells a lot about the spirit of those who made this choice.

Sometimes I can relate to his feeling or behavior although I don’t think it is the smartest (hey, I am not always brilliant) and sometimes I wonder if what he did or said was truly inspired. I mean I don’t doubt that he wanted the best and was sincere but I can totally see how the apostasy may have come from what he said and how he said things.

And no I don’t blame Paul for the Apostasy. Things are hard to figure out when you only can rely on your relationship with God. I have a hard time keeping my life on the right track I can’t imagine what it would be like to keep a new born church members in the fold and not let them run in the wilderness. He did a very impressive job but I can’t help but be hurt by his view on the position of women in society for example. No wonder we have such a hard time today.

7 thoughts on “Almost done reading the NT

  1. I think the Pauline epistles are really a story of how Christianity became a viable “corporation.”

    Before Paul, there were just bands of people. You didn’t even really have a church. You had Jews who believed in Christ.

    Paul truly opened of the church beyond Jews (there is neither Jew nor Greek, etc.,), got rid of a lot of the “Jewishnesses,” and then went on “world tour,” so to speak.

    So, regardless of what Paul did theologically to the Gospel, logistically, we simply wouldn’t have Christianity (as we know it) without him.

  2. Even Paul’s message there is conflicting.

    In the same sentence as “there is neither Jew nor Greek,” he says, “slave nor free, male nor female.”

    Yet, his prescriptions for women in the church undeniably chafes us.

  3. I’m ashamed to say that I think I’ve only read through the entire bible when I was in seminary. It’s awesome that you’re almost through the NT. I need to be doing better.

  4. Mikki, really, don’t feel bad and you will do better as long as you want to. Don’t feel guilty about not doing better. Go slow but go forward.

    Andrew, the more I read and try to focuse on the man, the more I understand him and the more I think that I am an idiot. Let me explain. Very often I totally understand him and most of the time these are events in which I find something that I (me, myself, I!) judge stupid. So if I want to put it another way, I can relate to him better when I think he is being an idiot. And this makes me ponder.
    Concerning the women issue I think he must have been bullied by a girl in school. Maybe in his own family, maybe his sister. Seriously. This guy does not sound like one who would not understand Christ’s teachings and you can feel he had such an issue about women that he’d rather not get married at all.

    Mikki, I am getting back to you. See? Don’t let your daughters bully your boys!

    I know the way I express thing is rather humoristic but I really mean it. It really feels like he had a concerne with female being that had nothing to do with a broken heart from when he was a teenager.

  5. I don’t understand why you would feel like an idiot…could your reaction to Paul not represent a cultural and moral evolution beyond that of Paul’s day?

  6. Because I am most of the time able to both experience something and step back from my experience so I can analyze it right away as I am going through it. So I am able to both be offended by something or someone and be able to understand what this person’s feelings/motivations may be sometimes better than the person her/himself.
    I am also rather blunt although I do my best to be nice in my way to say things, but sometimes it is just too hard to take the time to look for the appropriate words and my way to see things is that I am taking the time to tell someone something when I could just not care at all so it is up to the person to make an effort even if at times I may be offending. It is like a 50/50 thing.
    The reason why I feel stupid is first because it is usually my first reaction to myself when I start understanding something. Second because as I read Paul I understand both him and the people he talked to. I feel it strongly.
    So I understand better why people may not like when I tell them what I think no matter how close or not I am from the truth.
    But then I understand Paul. How do you make people react? I mean you can chose not to follow the gospel if you want. But if you say that you’re going to then you can’t be mild and try to find a middle way between two things that are opposite. JUST MAKE UP YOUR MIND!
    But then I understand the people he talked to. They had been “formated”. What he was asking them was to get rid off all that had made them who they were and who they were was the reason why they had come to accept the gospel.
    I was raised on the belief that Paul was such an ardent missionnary. I think he was but it is mainly because he had strictly no patience for other’s pace of progression and I can understansd this because honestly I am the same way.
    I consider myself as one who should be the slowest. I mean, I am slow. And I can’t stand peopel who are slower than me. I just want everybody to be better than me.
    Writting this I realize that I don’t really know why I want this. I mean I could come up with thousands of good and logical explaination coming from my childhood and so many other freudian sources. But the truth is that I don’t have this feeling that the explanation for the primary drive is really to be found in my own history.
    I just want to push people on the way they know to be the best but I know I am not allowed to because it is the worst option for them.
    And it is stupid because if I had really understood as much as I pretend I have then I would not feel this urge anymore.

    This is why reading Paul to understand the man through his teachings and words is an enlightment on my own faults.

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