Hard one

I just found out yesterday that exactly 5 years ago a dear friend of our family lost a son. You know, being in France and them being in Utah it is not always easy to keep in touch as we would like to but they mean to us still.

I found them on Facebook so I got in touch with them and I will call them tonight.

On the other hand it may have been better not to be in touch with them back then because my mother was really deep into her crisis which eventually lead her to be put in a mental hospital. Weird timing. I hope that 4 or 5 years ago was the best period of someone’s life because it is adding up and I don’t like it.

Anyway I also got in touch with their other son who is 5 years younger than me. I really enjoyed knowing him but it has been a long time since we talked so I hope that we can still be friends.

I know how we are taught/told about eternal families and stuff but I really have a hard time imagining what would be my reaction if such a thing would happen to me. Would I be able to hold on to the gospel? I know my reaction would be anger as a way not to fall into despair but who would I be angry against?

I hope they are not going to be too happy to talk to me because I am going to hate to bring them the news about my mother. How should I tell them things “you know all the stuff she told you about? Well it was only partly true” ? It kind of sucks but I really don’t know who to say it differently.
Gosh I hate bad news.

Who likes it?

It is very cloudy outside and I must say that this brings me even more down.

Come on! Let’s take a warm bath and focuse on my Aïkido class tonight! Yeah!

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