I don’t know where to start.
Baalbeck was almost impossible to reach for me and I considered myself lucky to have been able to get to Lebanon.

But I was able on my last day to go to Baalbeck.

This is a gorgeous place that I want to go back to and if I should ever get a chance to go back I need to make sure it is during the summer.

Baalbeck (you can really write it the way you want since it is not a western name) is a pilgrimage city. Or I shoudl say it was a pilgrimage city for pagan comparable to Jerusalem for Christians.
It is huge. Many countries have tried to restore it but it owuld take an internationale effort and even then I doubt it would be enough considering we have so many wars to put our money in….Hope you feel my sarcastic tone here.

Baal was a pagan god as you already know if you have read the bible just a little bit and Beck comes from the plane of Beqa which is an immense croping area where they still grow wheat in any direction you look to.

When the Roman Empire took over Europe and more they turned this place into a temple dedicated to Jupiter, Venus and…Bachus.

Then the christians took over and turned it into a church and turned the close by temple to Venus into a church that they called St-Barbara.

then the muslims took over and tuned it into a fortress with a tiny mosque for the militaries stationned there and you can see traces of all these civilizations.

I felt tiny in many ways.

I feel so powerfull and in control of my own life but then I looked at these stones I really got a sense of “ephemere”?
These stones are still here and my time on Earth is going to be less than the time they have been here.
I can understand how some need to leave a trace and develope an ambition hunger.

This is food for thought.


2 thoughts on “Baalbeck

  1. Wow! Sounds like an amazing place to visit.
    I can get a sense of that smallness you mention from your descriptions.
    I’m so gald you were able to take this trip.
    Sorry I’ve been so slow in catching up on your posts.

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