I just love us

I watched yesterday one of my favorite episode of BSG with my sister “No exit”. Before I get to what and why I love it I want to say how tired I am of the lack of general culture of my fellow citizens. It never occured to them that “no exit” in English was the translation for “huis clos” by Jean Paul Sartre so they translated it a different way. Why do they have a real job and I don’t?


In this episode a creature talks with his creator. The creature is full of anger, jealousy, bitterness, has a sadistic personnality and so on.
Of course the creature tell its creator that the human genocide is all because of the flaws that the creator decided to make him with.
The creator answers back with free will and creativity.
What I loved best was when the creature had really good points to which the creator would answer with a “I am so sorry for you” kind of look because the whole purpose of the creature, everything that it did was to prove its creator wrong when it could have magnify what it was. The creator gave him the potential to destroy humanity, hence the potential to do the opposite too.
I just love it.

Of course what the creature said was a direct reference to Blade Runner but I like hos they kept the poetic aspect of it to make it something much interesting to ponder about.

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