turning a page

I am going to ask to be released from the nursery. I just feel tired and I don’t have the feeling that I am going anywhere with this calling anymore. I know that when I am tired (no matter what level) you can tell me the most simple thing I just won’t get it.
I just know that I will be back there someday but ti is ok. I am fine with going back to the task it is just that now it is pointless for me to have this calling.

I feel a little sad but in the mean time I need to go to RS and Sunday school. I have not been there since I was re-baptized, it is kind of crazy. I should say that the first thing I wanted was to serve and to be put to the task, so it is not like I have been forced into it.

I also hope to get new insight and new inspiration for this blog because I am totally slacking off.