Ever wondered?

About our Celestial Mother if there should be one?
As a woman I sometimes wonder if I look like her. Not physically obviously. I wonder what she thinks of us as women, what she thinks of the job we’re making.

2 thoughts on “Ever wondered?

  1. I often wonder how many Heavenly Mother’s there are. I figure if there’s only one, she’s one busy lady–what with millions of spirit children and all that. After all, Heavenly Father did teach Joseph the principle of plural marriage. Who knows. Regardless, I sometimes think she’d be pretty disappointed in a lot of the choices we’ve made, but of course–she still loves us. 😛

  2. HF may have (or not, we don’t really know) many wives but one thing is sure: you and I have only one HM.
    Have you ever wondered what spiritual attributes we have come to develope in common with her?

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