I am trying not to get too excited but it is hard.

This kid is supposed to be one of the tough one at the school but somehow we have bounded.
I have had the feeling that I was walking on egg shells lately with him and today after work the best thing happened.

I was on my way back home and I had stopped to buy something to drink and to eat because I was really hungry. I saw him as he was walking toward me and first I though that our path were just meeting so I handed some cookies over to him and then I realized that it was not an accident. He had seen me and had come over to reach me because he wanted to introduce me to his mom!
He even said to her that I was the one he had told her about and that I was kind.
Do you hear this?

He trusts me for real!

Now I have to make sure I can do my job and explain things to him and keep his trust. I only have a school year to go I hope I can hold on that long.

I had been wondering about the last incident and thought that maybe feeling bad that I caught him lying to me he would feel humiliated and break away from the little bound we were making but NO. He came to get me to introduce me to his mother.

Now I have to find a way to explain to him that he needs to calm down because not everybody is against him. Then I really need to help him get a little better education or at least want to.
He is a very smart kid but the kind who gets easily mad at everybody because he just does not have the words to tell or understand what he needs. if only he could get this education I know he could do much better than to be a mechanic in some factory.
I am not saying that to be a mechanic is wrong generaly speaking but it would be wrong for him because he can do something else, Something that would really enable him to blosom and grow and become the oak he can be instead of remaining a bush like the others.

I guess his potential the problem is to have him feel this potential and understand that it can be a drive instead of the pain I see he is experiencing.

2 thoughts on “Brahim

  1. Congratulations on making some progression. I hope you’ll be able to tread the fine line of trust, and help him to realize his potential.

  2. I know it is not much but if I can help him understand just one thing about life so he can grow it will make these years worth it.

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