General conference again

I love general conference because it is one of the week end of the year when I can sleep in on Sunday.
What? I can watch it at home on my computer.
I am prentending to be slacking off but I am not really. It is just that watching it at home with few disturbance helps me to focuse better.
Beside I don’t feel like trying to watch a tiny screen in a huge room at the stake center. I should go to the eye doctor but this is one of the nice side of socialized medecin: it takes a little less than a year to get an appointment with an eye doctor. Better take an appointment with one even if you don’t need it just “in case”.

Anyway I have questions that I think would be interesting to investigate and I think I need to feel spiritually clear (if you know what I mean) to be on the way of getting the answers. Honestly I don’t think I’ll have the answers in this life but I just like to ask and work for the answers. It is one little pleasure in life that don’t financially cost much but which is harder. I just like it. I like stretches.
The thing I need to watch out for is not to stretch it too far and eventually fall into non-sense that really gets the “picture” blurry. And I like that too. I mean having to watch out. I am getting better at it although it is far from being perfect.

I think that I am looking forward to general conference this time for good reasons and I think it is the first time really.

1 thought on “General conference again

  1. I like to watch it from home too. I really wouldn’t mind going to the stakehouse and watching, as long as I could leave all the kids home. Then I could actually listen to it.
    I usually barricade myself in my bedroom and watch it though. I need to do a better job of getting my kids to watch it though.

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