A talk on a subject I loath

“listen to your leaders”

What an aweful subject.
I don’t believe in listening to our leaders. I don’t believe in what they say.
Rather I believe in God and I want to listen to what He has to say.
And I understand that He set up something to make communication easier between Him and us. This is also a way to grow in many different aspect.

So my talk went about this way:
Soemtimes we believe that our leaders are up to no good and that we could do better than them.
And the horrible truth is that we are right!

We could do better than them and it is pretty much why we were not called to this position.

In Aïkido there is Uké and Tori.
Tori is the one doing the exercise. Uke is the one lending his/her body so tori can progress. No Uke no progression. And very often Uké is going to hurt because Tori messed it up.
But we take turn. Tori is not always the same person and Uké is not always the same person either. Sometimes I am the one doing the exercise and progressing and sometimes I lend my body.
Yet, Uke is not passive because a smart Uke will learn from a good or a bad Tori.

It goes the same way in the church.

When we sustain people it is not just moving an arm up. It is a vow to not only let the person fulfil his/her calling the way she/he thinks fit but also an agreement to be Uke knowing that we may get hurt in the process. We lend our lives and we give some time to the person called for his/her progression.

Last summer during my Aïkido seminar I felt even more grateful toward the Uke I met who had been doing Aïkido for sometimes 50 years. I have learned so much with them. Sometimes I would find them after the class and even if I had thanked them on the Tatami I needed to tell them thank you again. Because I never understood what I was doing even if I was supposed to be the Tori, but they always not only lent me their body but they also gave me a few minutes out of the time when they could have learned themself with someone better than me.

Same goes with church leaders.

It does not matter if we are better than them. Or rather it does matter but then what do we do?
Am I better than my bishop and is it a shame that I’ll never be called as a bishop?
But then if I think so don’t I have the duty to help Him grow and improve? Isn’t it one of the htree mission of the church I pretend to belong to?

And maybe I am wrong. Sometimes we feel so smart as Uke. Thinking that we understood everything perfectly and we are eager to show our partner what are the correct movements because we just understood it all.
And then when it is our turn most of the time we really make a fool of ourself because although we think we have done it close to perfectly the master comes and correct almost every movement we have done because what we have done may have looked good on the Tatami but it is pretty much dangerous for ourself in the real life.
Same thing in this life.

This is a Tatami life and we are all doing Aïkido. But someday the class will be over.
Will we run to others wanting to thank them for helping us progressing?

I remember one of them reeally looking at me as if I were weird and telling me something like he would not have imagine this seminar any other way.

Listening to our leaders is not about being submissive to idiots.
It is about listening to God’s communicating with us. and when the communication does not go through and we know it is not our fault THEN listening to our leaders is a matter of love, of deap and true love for them because it is the only way they can progress. We are Uke, they are Tori. They can’t progress if we don’t lend our lives and if we don’t tell them with all the love we are able to show, how they can progress.

2 thoughts on “A talk on a subject I loath

  1. “I don’t believe in listening to our leaders. I don’t believe in what they say.”

    Then for you, maybe listening to church leaders is a very difficult test of faith.

    I’ve noticed that one of the things that our leaders do is that they challenge us to do something and then they promise us certain blessings will come from doing it. Often it seems that the blessings are not logically connected to what it is that they ask us to do.

    Other times, they ask us to do something as part of our callings and we can’t see why we should do it.

    When my husband and I were activities committee chairs together, the bishop told us that he wanted a ward activity each month. After the first two activities we realized it was an unusually high frequency of activities. We wondered why he wanted so many, but we kept doing it. It kept us busy. A few of the activities didn’t turn out so well, but most were successful. We had just moved into the ward, so it helped us become acquainted with ward members extra fast. When I look back on that calling, I always feel satisfaction that we did what was asked of us.

    Right now I’m a cub scout bear den leader and recently the cub master asked me to ask a particular non-member boy who had been participating in my den if he would do fundraising. The particular fundraiser I didn’t really understand, and I couldn’t see myself asking a nonmember boy to do something that I didn’t really understand. I emailed the cub master back and told him all about my scruples. He emailed me back and explained the fundraiser and didn’t demand anything else of me. I decided to just ask the boy and he agreed to participate. (to my surprise) After asking him, I felt satisfied that I had finally done what was asked of me. I was also happy that he had agreed, but if he hadn’t agreed, I’m pretty sure that I would still have been happy that I had done what was asked of me.

    Our church leaders are not idiots. They may come from a different background and a slightly different way of looking at things. They want to do their best too.

  2. thank you Michaela for commenting on my blog. It is rather sweet to have someone new.
    I don’t deny your church leaders are not idiots but when mine lie to me the nicest thing I can call them is idiots. Or when I come to them having been freshly rebaptized with an issue to talk about and that I am quickly whisked away it does take faith as you said.
    So I realized that it is part of the processing of learning and if I want to be granted the right to learn, to fail and to try again I must grant others the same right because down the road it is really about love and how much we are able to give really to others out of love.
    Are we ready to put up with them when they mess up or not? Because we have the choice to refuse it but then…they are allowed the same thing and then…we are responsible for the lack of progression and responsible for not learning a big lesson about love.

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