Tough year

This is being a tough school year. It is the last one I can work for this school and it is tough.
I am often amused at myself. No matter how right I am I always try to find evidences that things are not really this way or that I am wrong. This duality often brings me low because I think I don’t know really how to deal with some truth without feeling bitter and angry.
Wheh I have the solution I put it down in this blog. At least I am understanding what I need to correct.

I have always wanted the students to understand that I think they are real people and not just students for me however it did not mean that I was going to let them do whatever they wanted. I have tried what I thought was the right behavior with them and it worked. Now that I know how to have a good relationship with them I have to go. I get both a good feeling and frustration.

My mother asked me what if this time I pass. I think I may try for a few years to be a teacher and I will do it as long as I like it but I will work on my photgraphy skills still so as to be able to switch to it when I want.

Now I have a question: what about a blessing becoming a stumbling block? I am not talking about something that WE think is a blessing. I am talking about a real blessing becoming really an obstacle because it is too big to deal with.

1 thought on “Tough year

  1. Ok, so I don’t know why my blogs not letting you comment, bit that really sucks!! Hopefully whatever the glitch is, it will fix itself, ’cause I don’t know much about the technical world.
    Kind of sucks you’ll have to leave the school after this year, just when it sounds like you’re really clicking with the students, isn’t that the way it always goes.
    So, what’s the blessing that you’re afraid of becoming a stumbling block?

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