It seems that I pulled it through.

It is my fault if so few people showed up. Of all the ward missionnaries if one was aware that this was the worse sunday ever it was me and still I did not think that the first sunday of the month when school has started was the worse ever. I yeah I forgot to tell that like half o the ward works for the school system. Ok a little less but still, enough that it can be sometimes a problem and sometimes a solution.

My cousin called tonight to tell me a “good” news. I know it does not sound good but it is. My uncle’s girl friend eventually left him. I guess she has decided that she should put an end to his beating her up.
but the best news is that my aunt seems to have decided that she does not want to see her brother again. She is reaching 50 and eventually learning that it is one thing to forgive and another one to put yourself in danger again and again because you have “forgiven”.
She fought her brother, she stood up. I am so proud of her.f

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