This is one of my stumbling block as well as for many but mine I think takes a special way to manifest itself.

I don’t get proud when I have things to feel above the “common people” I become proud as a way to protect myself like when I am hurt or low or whatever.
This leads me to be less open to the spirit which prevents spiritual growth which prevents being happier and so on.

The problem is to keep a healthy balance between living a normal life which implies living in this world and drawing closer to God which for me implies a kind of locking away from the “real” world (please not the quotes because sometimes one can really wonder what is real and is not without having to be too religious).

Right now I am feeling good because I don’t feel anymore that achieving my professional goal is out of reach (although not the simplest and easiest way I admit), I feel I am doing the right things and if I keep myself in check I know I’ll get divin support (best connection ever). But what when I have obstacles? How can I right now anticipate this behavior of mine I know I have when I am not on the top of the world (or think I am)?

2 thoughts on “Pride

  1. Sounds like things are kind of beginning to come together for you! I hope so. I’ll be keeping you in my prayers, that none of those hidden stumbling blocks pop up out of nowhere.
    I think I get what you mean about that sort of pride. I think I carry that kind around too.
    And, I think that balance you speak of, can be so hard to find. Good luck!

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