Can a goal of mine not fail?

I have made an add on facebook for my other blog. I can’t put in too much money so I invest the smallest amount possible and it seems that it is bringing some fruits since people are saying that they like it. I mean not on my blog but on facebook.

Theeeeeeeeeen there is the fact that things are made a little easier to get a driving licence or I should say “cheaper” because it is the main obstacle for me right now and no car means no job specially concerning my goal.

My mother (for once) is being very effective in her support. I mean she tries to be supportive but she often more like another anoyance I have to deal with than real support.

I am just excited by the fact that things looks good from where I stand. I know it is easy to say this because I may not be aware of all the traps and difficulties but I just have an overall good feeling about it. Not that it is going to be easy, just that it could work.

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