Something fun eventually

I’ve treated myself because I think I’m worth it.

Here is what I bought.
I have made up my own log, own design and everything to see what their product looks like. Yep, it is for my little business thing. After all the kind words I have had about my pictures I think I deserve those profile cards, don’t I?

What I have done though is kind of a “mysterious” card. I have on it on one side the link for my blog and on the other side my job and my email. No phone number or adresse and it is on purpose.

The point is when I meet people and tell them about myself, if they want to see more this is liek a profile card as much as an add. they can go on my blog/site to come and if they like what they see (and they will) they can contact me to set an appointment for the pics.

It seems that the price I want to ask for my pictures is right. I think I can make it.
I also had another good idea for my business in order to stand out of the crowd of all the photograpers out there but I first need to check out if it is really realistic. I may think it is but I could be wrong.

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