Another big trip

I am going to Lebanon.
I am.
I bought my plane ticket already now I need to get a visa.
Someday I want to go to Israël too.

It seems that people enjoy my pictures VERY much which is encouraging so this trip is to see my grand mother as much as to take pictures for my other blog.
Sorry for most of you who don’t speak French yet there is very little to read and nothing that is really worth learning French.

Anyway This is going to be a wonderful trip no matter how things go. This trip has been decided since I was 6 or 7 and I am almost the last of the grand children to go. It is a shame.

I wish I had something inspiring to write about but I feel really low these days. I am reading my scriptures and doing what I should and I feel the presence of the Spirit but not enough to write something inspired or inspiring. No new insights. I can really tell that from reading the new testament I understand so many things much better that helps me understand not only Jesus but God also. Not that I really understand Him. It is more like I see a patern in things He does or doesn’t and it sets enven deeper in me the beliefe that we are up for a FAT surprise if we decide that what we hold to be true is all there is to know.
The more I read the bible the more I think that we know everything we need to DO, not everything there is to KNOW. It feels to me like we have been given a rough sketch of how and why but definitely not the details. The reason is probably because when seeing how people “great” the news of the plan of salvation there is little chance even the most enlighted souls would not have at least a hard time with.

I don’t care really what the big surprise is going to be like.

I love God and I am trying to match my love for Him to the love He has for me and that’s all I really care about. The rest for me, at the present time, is only details.
Although I am sure it won’t be “details” for me when I am on the other side.

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