I am back home and more

First of all I would like to introduce you to the first French LDS website not made by the church. Really a good one.
I know Mikki and Ray don’t speak French but in case you two meat anyone wanting to know more about the church and being French speaking…


Now concerning my Aïkido seminar.
It was really good. I have learned a lot. Well, not really. It is not so much what I have learned because I can’t really remember anything but the fact that I was able to progress as much as I would in one year and maybe more.
Tamura Sensei is physically amazing. He is 75, he is not taller than I am and definitely skinnier…and you should see him throwing big guys on the floor. This is the most vivid example of how much strength is NOT necessary in Aïkido.
I was called “crazy” for coming to this seminar because I have been practicing Aïkido for only 6 months (not even since the last month was vacation already). Everybody said that they would have never dared to come after so little time for fear of being ridiculous.
Do you know any better way to progres? Do you?
Plus, it turned out that they did not make the difference between me and someone who has been practicing for a full year or more. So I am right to think that it was definietly the place to be at for me.
The end of the seminar was a little spoiled for me by the attitude of other people but I know how to prevent this from happening next time.
I found out that there are three important seminar during the summer So I have decided to go to the last one next year since it is only 15 miles from where my family lives. I’ll be able to stay with them and take a bus to the seminar. Thus killing two birds with one shot.

I have taken a lot of very good pictures. I am extremly proud of myself. Yep. I think I can progress to a professionnal level:)

Oh and we had a B-day Dinner for all the B-days just yesterday. I got a brand new printer that is probably going to make things a little easier for me after this school year is over and I have to print things to find jobs.

On the whole I had a great time but I am barely catching back on my lack of sleep.

I have a lot more to write about but it would take too long and I still need to ponder about it and organize my thoughts. I just wanted to write a little to tell you that I am back and still alive.

1 thought on “I am back home and more

  1. Hey! Looks like a great website!
    Sound like you had a great experience at your seminar. That’s wonderful. I think it’s great that you were brave enough to attend it, especially after hearing those other people’s comments. I’m glad you went! Hope to see some pictures soon!

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