Son of light?

I have been thinking a lot about how things can’t be as simple as what we are taught in the church. I believe everything is true but being a “goddess in embryo” I can’t be fed on what I will be when I am a full developed being right?
Therefore this cannot be all there is to know.

I was thinking t about the premortal existence and the war in Heaven and how we take a certain version for granted.

Let me told you this story from my mission:
This sister dreamed one night that she had a friend who meant more to her than most of the sisters we were all in Heaven. It was during the war we are taught about. Her friend was afraid by the plan of Salavation. She just did not believe she could make it. It was just too hard. Although the sister who had this dream tried to convince her that our Father knew what He was doing the sister followed Lucifer. Not out of hatred or pride or whatever we are taught in the church but out of fear. She just did not believe in Herself and I guess lacked of confidence/faith in our Father.
Nobody can know how true or false is this dream yet it lead me to re-think deeply how things were taught to me as I grew up in the church.
How can really one third of the spirits be “that evil”? Can god have prepared evil spirits from first idea?
Hard to imagine.
Let’s picture this little fantasy.
Lucifer is a smart one. He is highly educated in divine things and he is so sure he knows it all. He just knows he knows it better than his father. Manipulation is a key weapon when you want to lead a population and fear, envy, lies are part of it. He just manipulates tones of spirits into believing that if they are strong enough, if they make our Father’s plan fail then God will have to admit His was wrong and they will eventually get their way.
Considering that they have now been deprived from having a body what a strong motivation must be there’s. They have to make this plan fail because it is their only way out.
And maybe they can make it. Maybe they can, maybe they are just delusional.
As far as for myself I understand how hard it must be but I have not yet solved my divine Oedipal complex an dI chose our Father’s side now again because no matter if I make it or not I believe it is a beautiful plan. And if I don’t make it I don’t care because I have grown already so much and I know I have still room and time and opportunities to grow that I have come to the realization for myself with the understanding that is mine as I type these words that their would have been no other way to be who I am without this plan.
And frankly I just love who I am.
And yes, it would be so easy to manipulate me again if I had not come to understand my Father’s love for me so as to be able to love myself.
To love ourselves, to divinely love ourselves and to feel grateful for who we are is one key shield against Satan.
Because when you love yourself you understand there was no other way you could have come to this without the plan of Salvation. Yes, the plan of Salvation is a plan about eternal and superior love.


My youngest sister just sent me a text message (11.20 pm) to tell me that she has a lump that hurts when she touches it under in her arm pit by her right breast.
Can this be only a kist please? Thank you.

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