My sister’s first love

My youngest-cutest little sister is in love.
And the boy is really cute and sweet.

The story is too long and too complicated but basically his mother does not understand nor want to understand how complicated our family situation is and that although some things should not happen a certain way there are different” situation when exception should be made.

I totally understand her point of view and I think hers is a sane one when dealing with normality.

The problem is that our situation is everything but normal and sane and you can’t apply your normal rules with our stories.

And I feel frustrated about her and angry against my mother.

On a more positive note I had a neavus that hurt me and I went to have it checked. It is perfectly fine. No worry.
The thing is that I found out that I have another huge one in the back that I had NEVER noticed. I am sure it was not here two years ago and the doctor told me to keep an eye on this one because it looks a little wrong. Now I don’t want to accuse this poor naevus of something it is not but I find very suspect that it should sneak in my back this way and not be able to really tell if it is dangerous or not.
You never know with those. they may tell you they are cute and stuff but in the end they give you a skin cancer when you have protected yourself all your life from the sun!
And I have learned something that I did not know. I always thought the cute little beauty marks were on the whole fine and you should keep an eye on the ugly big ones when they change. This is partially true. the big ones are to keep an eye on but the cute small ones are actually the most dangerous when changing.
Oh and big surprise! she told me I don’t have too much to watch out for.
What? I thought I was a real dalmatian!
Well this is good. and the other good point that I had never realized is that most of mine are in the front so they are easy to check.

2 thoughts on “My sister’s first love

  1. aw! Hope things work out for your sister.
    Glad you had good news from the doc.
    I have a lot of moles that I need to get checked, and a spot on my nose that keeps coming back. Not good I’m sure.

  2. Have it checked, no matter what.
    I have found out that all the moles I thought were fine are actually the dangerous ones. So have it checked because even if this one is fine you may find out that some are not.

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