Divine Potential

Thanks to Ray I have read and interesting post on another blog.

I have no children and this post is partly why sometimes I really don’t feel like having “a family”.

I know men in the church don’t mean to be paternalist and chauvinists and everything we blame them of. But they do very often. They don’t understand what is wrong because they do it so lovingly and don’t understand why, if they put so much effort and love and tenderness, some virago should reject their behavior that is so obviously in tune with God’s plan.
Yes, because not only are they dumb but they also think that they have all figured it out and women who think differently can’t.
and then they wonder why we go crazy.
So for those of you who don’t get it let’s sit down for a few minutes and please answer to those questions without cheating.
You know, it is like in the chain mails you get where you are supposed to answer to questions to get an unbelievable answer.
Well this one is also going to be unbelievable for a lot of you but please humor me for a few minutes.

When we were born we were babies (the cutest baby on Earth, each one of us) with a full body and a full potential, right?

Then we went to school, right?

Then we left home for about the same purpose, right?

We got an education, we had dreams and goals, right?

Then we got married, still following?

And you got praised for being a dad AND a husband AND successful in your career AND when the doors are closed you get even more praised (or lied to, but this has to be your neighbor’s case, not you) for giving “her” so much pleasure.
When we get married (in the church) we get praised for being a mother AND a wife AND…and nothing else….
Could you give me one single logical explanation to this?

Do you get a feeling of accomplishment when you are successful in your job? Why would women in the church be deprived of it?
Either it is a good feeling and we are entitled to it or it is not and you should stop enjoying it.

I KNOW there are smarter men out there but I am feeling this way because yesterday I got chased by my ex-boy-friend in the street again (he quickly stopped this time) and because I see my bishop and how deaf he is to all this and how he has raised a son who has lovingly destroyed a woman and I am very concerned for her (as well as for her 5 boys) and because I read this post that reminded me of why I just don’t see the point of getting married in those circumstances.

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