Dany: Checked
Odile: Checked
MC and Belle: not checked yet
These are four of the 5 persons I care for/worry the most about. I am trying to show more how much I am concerned but it is hard. I can think about doing it the whole day long and not dare to do it. It is just that I often feel it as an intrusion in my own life when people do that so I just don’t dare to do it. I know they appreciate it but still. I just wish I could send some telepathic message and that’s it.
Oh wait…this would be a real intrusion wouldn’t it be?
Beside if I start doing this I am afraid they are going to call me as an RS president and if they do this I swear half of the sisters will have gone inactive within 6 months because they will have been offended by me.
Seriously, there is this one sister I reeeeeeeeeeally want to spank for being such…RRRRRRRRRRRRRRAAAAAAAAAAAGH I need to shut up.

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