Pain is not mendatory

to repent fully.

I know pain is the way we are brought to repent but it is a teaching tool to help us repent. The goal being to want to repent without hurting but by realizing we have done wrong.

You want to get to 49 and you just add:

When you could just do 7×7=49

Today I have heard in Sunday school that addition is the one and only way (and i was happy that these people did not have the power to kill anyone disagreeing with them) to get to 49 when I don’t say that it is not a way but that there is a shorter way that can make things easier and in the end more effective to reach the goal we want to reach.

Ok I guess this is giving meat to new born babies.

But it makes my heart beat faster when I hear this. I know scriptures talk about pain but prophets never said it was the only way, they explained where this pain came from and what it was good for. They never said it was the one and only way to repent.
So when I hear that if you don’t hurt you have not repented I have to beat myself up (literally) not to scream that they are dangerous and preaching 100% false doctrine.
In the end I left the room because what they said was both unbearable and close to sacrilegious to me.
I mean they did acknowledge that Christ has already suffered for our sins but then the same person ended his sentence by saying that we have to suffer too.
Christ had paid the price full point!

2 thoughts on “Pain is not mendatory

  1. When I feel the spirit leave me, I instantly know I have said or done something I need to stop and repent of; it is an instant wake up call.
    If I ignore the spiritual wake up calls long enough or refuse to repent; soon I no longer feel the spirit at all, then comes the hurting, suffering and loneliness from not having the companionship of the spirit any longer and I am left to myself.

    I have learned if I stop and repent when first prompted and apply the savior’s atonement; he has then corrected my behavior and the spirit returns. The sooner I sincerely repent, change my behavior, and follow him the less Alienated fron him I feel and the sooner the healing process of the atonement begins.
    So here is my made up formula “the amount of pain = the amount of pride”. in other words how much sorrow you feel depends on how fast you are willing to humble yourself and sincerely repent and to a certain degree the severity of the offence. (Just my theory)
    Those of us that have rebelled against God and were left to “kick against the pricks” know how Sevier the pain can be ( my pillow was wet with tears many nights as I pleaded with god to make me no longer exist, so great was the pain of my bad choices). Repenting and being obedient is so much better!
    In 3Nephi 9 just before the 3 days of darkness ends; in the darkness the people hear the Saviors voice and in verse 13 he invites them to repent and he says he will heal them.
    The Savior is always calling us out of the darkness and inviting us to repent, so he can heal us. Jesus’ un-failing love and power to heal never ceases to amaze me.

  2. Thank you for this Allan. I have thought A LOT about it and I have come to think the same as your theory but then there is one tiny problem with this theory. I am not a humble person and I don’t need pain to repent. I can be sorry without aching and I can want to change without being brought to my knees.
    I mean this is what we have come here for so why fighting it?
    We have enough flaws that we have to fight and there are so many things to learn, why adding more to it?
    See, this has nothing to do with humility to me. I mean being humble is always something I am trying to be but if you just think about the fastest way to get to the point you want to get at you don’t need to humble yourself. You just need to do what it takes. You just need to know what you really want.
    Well this is how I see things.
    To me repenting is not about humility but about being smart, how can you learn from your mistakes if you don’t repent and what is the best way to learn if it is not by doing mistakes?
    To me humility is more involved in the way I deal with people, not in the way I deal with my eternal progression.
    Somewhere having to be “humble” to be able to repent is like having thought at one point that we can have been smarter than God himself.

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