it has been a long time

since my last post but I have many good excuses the main one being that my room is now done: I have a real bedroom. Well almost, we still need to fix a thing or two but basically there is no big fixing anymore.

Beside this I must say that everybody around me is going through HORRIBLE things and I am so sorry. I feel so sad for all of them. I feel protected and I feel I must be here for them.
A few weeks ago this sister, mother of two young kids left home with her children again. I know she had extremely good reasons to leave and one doesn’t take the kids if there is no serious issue. Well, while she was away and when nobody knew where she was hiding her husband hanged himself.

My substitute father just lost his only sister to cancer and Dany is losing her mother too. Oh yes, her mother is already 93 and it is the rule but still. No matter how old is your mother when you love her it is always too early to lose her. Or at least this is how I would feel if my relationship with my mother were better.

I need to write more about something that has been bothering me lately but it would take too much time and I am exhausted tonight 🙂

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