My room

10 month after moving in and after doing my sister’s room we are eventually doing mine.
So far it is going good, hope no catastrophe will occur.

I have to tell much about this week end. But first and the most important you need to know that although the Mormon culture is different in France than in the US (and they are a few things that I really appreciate here) I think that I won’t fit in. It does not really matter because on the contrary to what happens elsewhere I won’t be shut out. I remember when I was a child that all those who where not part of the culture where not good members and actually this was one of the message of my bishop when I was re-baptized. Crazy? Yes but I did not care about it because I knew he was wrong. And better than this, although I did not feel comfortable last Saturday, I know it all came from me but I was neither pushed to feel this way nor pressure to feel better.
It as a good learning experience.

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