My atheist best friend

My friend got a good laugh thanks to my mother.

My sister was on the phone last week with our mother and our mother told her “If I don’t get a miracle by the end of next week I will not believe in God ever again
It made me laugh.
It made my friend laugh.
And if I should get a chance to tell this to my mother she would not even understand why she is ridiculous. I mean she knows she is ridiculous but she would look for ways to justify her attitude.

I am getting a testimony that God could not careless the way we take as long as it is the best for us.
I believe the church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints has the most truth in it but I am getting a strong testimony that it does not make this church “the best” one.

I have felt that my grand-mother’s change of heart is the reason why I felt softly prompted to make it possible for her to meet Eÿnora and she is a devout catholic. I really feel from the change I have felt both in her behavior and in her talks that our Heavenly Father is pleased with her. I think I really love her just for the example she is setting.

My mother had had twice in a very short period of time the visit of nuns. They had never come to her door before. And she is asking for a miracle? I believe these nuns were inspired to come to my mother’s door and I am sorry for her that she just hardens her heart every time God tries to reach out to her. How could she ask for more? There is no sweeter miracles than this.

I don’t feel anger as I type this. I am sad for my mother but in the mean time I am grateful for a God who cares for my mother. A God who is putting so much effort in avoiding my mother some tremendous sadness when she gets on the other side and realize what she has lost.

I need to write to my grand-mother but I don’t know how to make short what I want to tell her.

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