This is rough

My former bishop IS divorcing.
I am sorry for him.
It could have turned out ok with work but he did not want to. The saddest thing is that he believes he is right because this is how he has been raised by his father and he thinks that his father’s views were supported by the gospel.
I feel so sad about it. He is so wrong.

It has been a rough week and a rougher day.

I am right now in this situation where I know I can be of a great help and I know I have the potential to screw it up like really big.

I am going to write to his future ex-wife because I love her and no matter what she does I am only wishing that she does not do anything that will hurt her.

I hate to feel this way. It was the same on my mission when I cared for people who would have probably liked to know that I cared about them but frankly it could make me sick if I’d let this feeling invade my life too much. On my mission I did let it invade me. I am not sure I am ready for the same experience.
I guess it is prayer time again hu?

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