The US presidency

The more I read/hear from the republicans the more I am glad Obama won the election.
I am still hoping he will be a good president because I still don’t see anything miraculous coming from him. And a miracle is what the US needs.
But when I listen to them I am glad they did not get the president they wanted because those are the US we fear not the US we love.
I can believe the words that are used to talk about Obama from these people.
It gives me the chill.

And yes Mikki I know you’re did not vote Obama but you’re the exception to the rule 😀

Just a morning thought.

2 thoughts on “The US presidency

  1. You’re right, we do need a miracle. I hope he can pull it out for us.
    You’re right, I didn’t vote for him, but I definitely think he stilll deserves our respect and support.
    I think people who think the president has all the answers are delusional anyway. There’s a whole congress and house of reps that make a majority of the decisions around here. He’s just one man.

  2. the things I hear and read from those who did not vote for Obama most of the time scares me to death. There used to be 2 USA: The ones we dreamed about and the one we were scared about.
    The one we dreamed about is gone forever. There is a new USA now but the problem is that when I hear from those hard core Republican I see that the US we feared is still alive and breathing.

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