It was worth it

I went to church and it was good. I don’t regret to have tried to be a little more relaxed.

Of course it was mother’s day and I had to listen to this horrible song I had to sing each year for mother’s day. How come the church does not approve of piercing but approve of this masquerade?
Oh yeah! Sweetness rules! Even to the point that you get sick. It does not matter if you’re sick. It is sweet.

I made our RS laugh (did I tell you before how much I love her?) when I told her that next time a child shows up with a rose for me I will beat this child up. She laughed hard and then laughed harder when HER SON came with a flower for me. We just slid it to her. I am sure he did not get it but he is 2 years old after all.
I made her laugh also by telling that newt year if I get a flower I’ll tell the child I cannot accept it because I was a man before. Yep, I am a transsexual! and then tell the child to go ask his (we have almost only boys in our primary so it is pretty safe to say “his”) father what transsexual means.

I have been told that some sister gets offended if she does not get a flower for mother’s day even if she will never have a child. I said she can have mine!

I talked to my mother. I told her I hated to sing the primary songs for mother’s day in public. I did not hate mother’s day I just hated to have to express it in public. and she said that she hated to have to listen to the primary singing those songs too.


Why didn’t you spare me this torture?

If I should have a child I will leave him/her free to do as s/he wants.

And today I just felt good.

They are a lot of people all over the world and I feel grateful for the internet that enables me to know who they are. I don’t mean that I know them I just mean that I know they exist and I know their names. I am of course thinking of you Mikki and Ray but I am also thinking about other cool people I have talked to on forums or other and it makes me feel good to think that the kind of people I would like to be friend with are not all already around me. To know that If I should move out to this place or that place they would be people I could turn to for a little friendship, a piece of advise that would be worth listening to or a good laugh.

Now I am off to bed.

Good night 🙂

3 thoughts on “It was worth it

  1. “Sweetness rules! Even to the point that you get sick. It does not matter if you’re sick. It is sweet.”

    OK, that made me laugh – as did the image of you going all psycho on a 2-year-old kid smiling at you with a rose in his hand.

    Thanks for the laugh as I read your post. I needed it tonight.

  2. I’m glad you had a good day after all.
    That is pretty funny, you abusing a child with a rose. I’ll keep it in mind the next time mine are misbehaving.
    I know what you mean about this big ol’ internet. It’s really nice to make new friends in all kinds of places.

  3. Ray, beating up this very child could have been a bad idea. Not that I would have cared about losing his mother’s appreciation for me but this kid is amazing strong. His father told me that when he was born the nurse asked him for help because she could not hold his foot for the little blood sample she needed.

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