I had never really paid attention at the way Christ talked to His disciples.
I am reading the NT and paying a closer attention to it and I realize that the Christ we have been sold only existed in fantasies.
He did tell his disciples that they were thick or 100% dimwit. I mean He did not say this for no reason obviously but He did not refrain from speaking his mind. I must say that it must have taken much humility to believe in Him and still follow Him when you are called dumb for asking a question.
I guess after seeing the miracles it made things easier but still. To be called stupid by the son of God kind of engrave it in stone and it is not something you may want. The best is that Matthew was humble enough to leave traces of it. I wanted to understand more about Christ’s personality to draw closer to Him and I do but I understand that it must go through much meekness not so much to look like Him but to look like His disciples.

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