Back home

I went to my mother’s to help her with her computer.

I have been surprised by how well it went. Of course she won’t change and I am not asking for such a miracle but at least she has been nice and this is all I am asking because it is something she can do.

She has been an amazing good mother about my piercing thing that she (of course) absolutely disagrees with.

I came back home and my sister was sweet and she had bought me a little surprise.

This is definitely a good week end. I am enjoying everything I have even if it is not much. It is still so much more than what I had not a long time ago.

Talking with my mother nicely about trust and friendship I have realized how much I have walked away from her teachings and point of view. We have become like long time known strangers. I still love her and I think she loves me but we don’t have just opposite points of view we are just not in the same world. It could be called sad I guess but the thing is that I know my way to see and live and deal with life may not be perfect but will take me further than it has taken her. I don’t think I can perfectly grasp everything even if I am smart and blah blah blah but I know when my point of view is a sane one because I have seen my grand-mother and my mother choices according to their views on life, and I have seen the sadness coming from it even if they don’t want to admit it came solely from their choices.

2 thoughts on “Back home

  1. I think it’s probably very hard most of the time for people to admit that they are the one’s to blame for their own problems.
    Hopefully you two can be at peace with your differences, and agree to disagree on many things. :o)

  2. Lol, my mother will never agree to disagree because the point of her life is to bend and force everybody in the way she wants. The sad part is that she is only “respecting” my point of view because we have fought and there was much violence involved and she knows that not only will I not give up but I also win. So she “respects” my point of view just because she knows she’d better not “do it” again. Sad.

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