Self righteousness

This is the feeling I am experiencing these days and I hate it.

I know this is linked to pride.

And I know where my pride is coming from.

I am not talking about self righteousness in the typical Molly Mormon stereotype.
I am talking about this feeling when you know you’re right and you feel pretty comfortable in this situation.

I need to slow down my pace and ponder a little more about what would be Jesus teachings for our days.


I have a had an interesting experience yesterday about lies and how Satan uses our own strength to turn it into stumbling blocks. It was nothing to describe that would make a good post on my blog but although my prayers have not been that exceptionnal lately I have been able to dismiss the fears coming from this experience. It is not like I asked about it because the feeling I had before praying was strong enough to make me believe it was true. But when I started praying my fears vanished and a feeling of peace came that really felt like “this was a lie, this won’t happen”.
It was interesting.

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