I am curious

As I read the NT I really wonder what was this world.
Jesus teachings sound so obvious to me. I wonder what was this world in which what he taught was revolutionary.
I understand that it sound obvious because I grew up with his teachings.
But the thing is that I wonder how did humanity survive without those basic values until he taught them on a broad scale?
I can imagine that some must have come up with the conclusion of his teaching BEFORE he taught them but it seems that it was not culturally the general rule. I start wondering if people living in His time were really that lucky.
I mean you may say that obviously He said things that were needed in this time and that were turned out into teachings and religions. Thank you I am not an idiot.
It is just that taking our current understanding of what is right and what is wrong according to His teachings I wonder what He would teach us now if He were to come back and teach us again like He did in the past.

1 thought on “I am curious

  1. hmmm, great thought. I don’t suppose the law of Moses or the law of the land, or whatever it was called was easy to live by. I guess it was pretty much about vengeance??
    I wonder what he WOULD teach us today.

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