Things turned out for the better

I am happy to say about yesterday that things turned out really good.

But I have been really affraid.

I think my friend is partly lying to herself about the situation but I think this is the best way to deal with it so as to avoid something really bad.

You may have read the thing I wrote yesterday. The thing is that the other person my friend has strong feelings for is a woman.

So she has decided to go and talk to her and the woman said that she has the same feelings but they have both aggreed that it is only friendship. I like it this way. I know it is not just friendship but I know my friend and I know this is the middle way, the one that will enable her to remain close to this person without destroying what she has built.
No matter what she calls it I just want her to be happy and never again to be in the state I have seen her because it has made me sick and as I have said it before, I don’t think I can handle it too often or for too many people.

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