My talk

I gave a talk today. I was asked to give this talk in the middke of the week. I feel that somebody ditched the bishopric. LOL

I was happy to give this talk and once again the councellor of the bishop who liked my last talk (the one who upset some people) liked this talk too. As a result he helped me on my treasure hunting. LOL Always be friend with a very smart man.
I think I am going to put this one online when I have translated it.

At one point of my talk I started feeling stressed out again like for my CAPES. This is not good. I have never had this before. My CAPES was the first time ever and I was hoping it was only an accident. I don’t want it to happen again. Anyway I was able to get back on track and finish my talk.

2 thoughts on “My talk

  1. Is it anxiety about speaking in front of a group of people that you experienced? I have that problem, I hate to even try bearing my testimony or saying a prayer in sacrament meeting, I usually end up crying over something lame.
    I’m glad you were able to overcome it.

  2. I don’t know. I had to say the prayer at the end of sacrament meeting and I was fine.
    Talking about my prayer one of the elder said soemthing funny. he congratulated me for my humility in my prayer. I said “what?” he said “yes, congratulation for not thanking God for the good talks” ha ha ha ha ha

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