This is not what I want geeeeeeeeeeez

Here is the thing.
There has been two guys who have clearly showed that they enjoy talking to me.

Both of them are not members of the church but this is not a problem really.

Both of them are ok looking and if they were really ugly I would not care because this is not really what counts for me.
No the problem is something else.

In both cases the ground on which this could start is “fighting”!

One guy is at my Aïkido class and I think the teacher saw that there could be something going on. I think that the guy is really cool but only as a friend. I know this could sound snob but I need someone I can have conversations with, someone who will challenge me intellectually and this one is a really great guy but not much of a challenge. So I do my best to avoid being paired with him but I don’t it to be too obvious because I don’t want to hurt his feelings. Beside he makes me laugh on the tatami and I need to laugh. The thing is that he makes me laugh because it is on the tatami, the same humor outside would just either embarrass me or drive me nuts.

The other guy…I really don’t know what he’s got in for me or what he does not have.

I met him at the bus station once when I came back from Aïkido and we have met again a few times until my friend F offered to drive me home everytime. He goes to boxing class when I go to Aïkido class. I saw him today in the bus again and walked me to my building and asked if he could leave his phone number. I said no.
a) I just know his first name and it is wayyyyyyyyyyy not enough for me.
b) I don’t like his tatoo that clearly looks like one you get in prison.
c) I don’t like the fact that he sounds too nice although he could be really nice.

In any case fighting sounds like a weird thing to have in common to start a relationship don’t you think?

Ok, let’s face it.
what are my hobbies or what do I like?
Traveling (when I have enough money)
The Gospel

I don’t feel comfortable with being married with a member of the church and in the mean time I want the priesthood in my home if I should ever get married. Yeah I certainly need to make up my mind!

Sci-Fi….building a relationship on this would give birth to only poor little asocial geeks who would not understand a thing about the real world. So this is definitely a huge NO.

Traveling: I don’t have the money to do it enough so I meet someone with who I could really share this.

Photography: same thing as traveling.

Aïkido: this is pretty much the subject of my post.

Just in case this did not sound obvious: this post was only meant to be funny.

4 thoughts on “This is not what I want geeeeeeeeeeez

  1. “I don’t feel comfortable with being married with a member of the church and in the mean time I want the priesthood in my home if I should ever get married. Yeah I certainly need to make up my mind!”

    You think? *GRIN*

    Generally, fighting is not a good foundation for a relationship, but this type of fighting . . . I can buy it.

  2. LOL
    I think that my problem is really men in France.
    Although I have become friend with someone I think I could fall in love with if there were some “alchimie” between us.
    He is fluent in 5 languages, he has a master degree (or more) in mathematics.
    he share the same views on the subjects we have talked about…
    But he can’t be too long away from Germany because this is where his children live.

  3. LOL. He is only someone I want to keep as a friend. I think his life is too much clutered by feelings that are legitimate but homding him back.

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