A thing or two I have learned from my grand-mother

I know this is going to displease my mother and this is why she will never know about this blog.
It would kill her to read me saying something nice about her mother.
Yes my grand-mother was physically abusive.
Yes my grand-mother to some extend was emotionally abusive too.
Yes my grand-mother and my mother are very much alike but my mother knew what she was doing when my grand-mother did not in many cases.
My grand-mother has asked for forgiveness and my mother has told her she forgave her and then came back on what she had said.
One thing that has surprised me a lot a couple of weeks ago is how much my grand-mother has soften. She is still the same person and still very annoying but she has understood it and she has worked on herself and she is 76.
One thing I now know for sure (when I used to only think it) no matter how old you are you can still work on yourself.
One could say that it is because she is getting older.
This could be an answer if I had not talked with someone who has been her friend for years and has helped her to change.
I am so sorry for her because she feels guilty about my mother to the point that she asked me if her death could help my mother feel better. And I knew what she meant. No it would not make her feel better., I think it would even make her feel worse since what she has done was to punish her mother. If her mother would die she would have nobody to punish and this would be the end because there would be no coming back whatsoever.
I have a memory about Magény taking place in Paris once when I was a little girl.
My aunt and uncle had come up from Nice and we had all gone to “les puces”. Came lunch and I got a sandwich that I just could not eat because it was really disgusting. I ate like two or three bites and I was told by the adults to throw it away. I was about to do it when Magény stopped me and showed me to just leave it by the trash can and not to put it in.
Then she made me step back so as to be able to see what was going to happen without being seen and shortly after that a homeless man saw the sandwich, open the wrapping to check it out and to see what was remaining and took it.
I let you imagine how this memory has influenced me.

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