Emergency love

Sometimes it feels like it.

I understand how important this is to try to love people for who they are and not for what we see of us in them. Or worse what we think we see of what we think we are. This is the most common and the most dangerous illusion.

I had to spend some time with my mother today and I have touched again how much hatred in disguise had surrounded me when I was growing up. I know I am not good at loving everybody but I want to try so hard. What else is more important than this?
Words fail me to convey the emergency I feel tonight and it is frustrating.
I am thinking about St-Exupéry and what he wrote in “terre des hommes” (look up for the title yourself I think it is something like “sand, stars and??????”) when he is watching at a baby who is NOT going to be raised in the best situation but this baby is not different from Mozart at the same age. The difference is in the opportunities these two children have been giving as well as how much they have been believed in. And it is the same for absolutely everybody. Nobody was kept from talent and beauty only our environment helped us develop it or not.
And this is so often spoiled by what I will call “a lack of love”. I am not talking about primary love, the easy one, the one most people get a share of (some don’t though. I know that) the one we get directly from our parents and family. I am talking about these situation where we can’t develop a talent, say something that would bring solace, beauty, whatever because the situation is not favorable just because of a lack of environmental love. This love that brings confidence and that make us fulfill our destiny through the developing our potential.
We lose so much time trying to me,d what others have broken in our life and when it is fixed our time is almost up.
Of course it is “ok” because we have learned things that will be valuable on the other side but we can learn these things in better situation and live and make this Earth a better place with a little more love, humilty, listening…
Of course I love my sisters partly because I identify myself in them sometimes. It is part of the bound. But I also love them for how different they are from me and how much they lighten up my life through these differences.
Can’t we see how beautiful people are even when they are so different from us?
I love to joke about the fact that if everybody were like me so many things would be perfect specially when people use common places such as “blah blah blah people are all different blah blah blah it is better this way”. It really bothers me so I comment with a very straight face that if everybody were like me life would be easier because for example there would be no more communication problems 🙂
But the truth is that I just love to look at people in train stations for example and to imagine what their life is from what I see from the outside. They are beautiful and I don’t think they see it. They probably hope they are but most of the time don’t really think so but they are and they deserve love.
I just wish I had more time to sit and look at people to imagine who they are.

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