And I mean it.
The only way to lower down my expectations would be to agree to live off social security.

Right now what I want to do is to work on my grand-mother recipe for crêpes so as to find it and maybe try to do something with it. See, the thing with this recipe is that it is a secret recipe (not a joke, there is a copy right on it) but if I can make up my own recipe that will be as good as hers I know I could really do something with it. Like opening a business or something like that. Oh and no I can’t just ask her this recipe since she won’t talk to me.

I have also been considering painting since on my mission a sister offered me to teach me to paint. We never got the time to do it but I still want to start.

The cheapest of the two is probably to work on the crêpes recipe.

My grand mother’s crêpes were golden brown, very thin and very soft and had a sweet and salty taste. I know how to get close to the taste but I am far from the texture or the look although my crêpes are always thin.

I got a recipe that sounded good on the internet and sounded logical according to what needs to be in it to get the taste and I started making my own modification.
I just made the batter and now it needs to rest for an hour or so.
I’ll tell you how close I will have gotten tomorrow because hopefully tonight my sister and I will be too busy with my crêpes.

I had a weird feeling when reading your answers and considering to give up this test. Like a cold, like a “NO!“. I want to be a teacher but I don’t think I’ll ever pass this test I just think there is something for me to learn in this.
I could be wrong either way but it does not matter. Tonight is crêpes dinner and if I don’t start a business with a recipe from Heaven at least I will be able to make people happy with it because my grand-mother’s crêpes made me happy. They would make anybody happy.

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