Ok I failed so what?

I know these coming days are going to be hard.

And I have a choice: get mad because I am entitled to be angry or figure out what else I can do.
My question right now is how long can I indulge myself a little whining? How much is too long?
I think that what I really need is friends who can make me laugh and don’t say things such as “oooooooooooooh I am so sorry”.
Of course you are!
You’re supposed to be my friend. I expect you to be sorry. But I also expect you to help me get out of this situation.
My friend Marie has been surprisingly a good friend the last hour. I mean I love her but she has told me hurting things every time I have failed the CAPES. For the first time she has not and she has made me laugh which is exactly what I need right now. I need a good laugh to get back on track.
We’ve done stupid tests on facebook together and it turned out that I am both bi-sexual and totally innocent concerning sexuality. Both tests are wrong.
Yes I know what felatio means and no I don’t think that clitoris is the name of an exotic bird. Although it would be a cute one. As far as women are concerned I know that I could not do it with a woman. Don’t ask.
I have tones to write about and I guess I’ll write about it tomorrow and the coming days.
Wow. Teaching time for me. Test of faith I guess.

3 thoughts on “Ok I failed so what?

  1. Blah, blah, blah. Whine, whine, whine. (“Wining” probably means drinking wine. I don’t want you wining about this.) *GRIN*

    This really was a random, meandering post. At least it made ME laugh!

  2. Ok so, I really am sorry that you failed. That sucks! but you don’t! (read into that what you will) :p

    So, I’ll try to think of some funny things to send your way. Unfortunately, I’m not very funny, so it’s going to take a lot of work on my part. Hmmm, how about if I send you my little terrorist in a postage box? He always makes me smile.

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