Ok everybody look at me, please.

I need your attention, please.
I am leaaaaaaaaving.
Yes, I am leaving in a few hours I’ll be on a train for Paris. So please remember me in your prayers because this could change and I kind of want it to change.
Mikki, thank you so much for your message about my previous post. I only took pics of a few kids, not all of them.
There are the three regular ones and I had to take a picture of Elsa since she is going to be the only girl since a long time. I don’t know what is going on with our wards but girls have to be brought in the ward. When women have babies when they are already in the boundaries of our ward they are ALWAYS boys. What’s up with this?

Honestly I believe it is because of Dany’s influence but I’ll talk about it latter.
Basically there is very little sexism in our ward as we very often find in the church. Dany has created a spirit in which if boys are raised they will take good habits from the youngest age concerning women.

3 thoughts on “Ok everybody look at me, please.

  1. Good-bye. My prayers are with you.

    You said to let you know of obvious English errors, so . . .

    It is “later”, not “latter”. (“I’ll talk about it latter.”)

    Also, it’s “in a long time” or “since a long time ago”. Don’t ask me to explain; it just is. *grin*

  2. Ooohhh Good luck!! My prayers are with you.
    It’s the same in our ward lately. TOns of boys being born, and not very many girls. I’d say it’s like three to one.
    Maybe the Lord needs more priesthood here in the near future?

  3. Thank you Ray for “latter”. I never know how to spell this one. As for “in a long time” I knew it did not sound right but I could not figure it out by myself.
    This is kind of a crazy time for me. I feel I am about to colapse but I can’t because it is now or never. I just want all this to be over and I want the story to end good. As time passes I feel less and less able to handle another disapointment.

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