My cousins

Tristan is really a cutie. I wonder when he finds out that he is gay. His mother probably already knows it and she is doing a good job at making him feel comfortable with whoever he is now or in the future.
I am going to spend the afternoon with him and hopefully his sister will show up. His little brother is very eager to meet us and this should happen this afternoon too.
I love this family. They are all seriously crazy. There are tensions and funny enough I can understand them all.
I think that LaBlonde is having a lot of answers about our mother and I think she is having a wonderfull time. I have seen her laughing like she seldomly laughs. I hope that it is the same when she goes to the other side of her family but I doubt it.
Yesterday evening our youngest aunt took us to a Lebanese cafe. My sister had Lebanese food for the first time and I was affraid she was not going to liek it because she is very “french” on this subject but she just loved it. We are full blooded French but Lebanon is a part of our family history and not eating Lebanese when we are together is like not really being together. So I am really, deeply happy that she loved it although she did not grow up with Lebanon as a background in her everyday’s life as I did.

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