High school

I tried to call mine yesterday and today. Each time I got the answering machine which means that nobody’s working as they soemtimes do. It sucks. I wanted to warn them that I needed to go to Paris and that I would not go to work on the first week when school starts again.

Let me explain.
Because I work in a High School and because I am taking a test to become a certified teacher, I am entitled to days off. But of course I have to make an official request for these days.

Since I will have only one day before going to Paris I won’t be able to make this official request so I am going to have to “cheat” and go see my doctor for a “medical leave”. It sucks, but I have tried to be honnest.

Something else about High school: this is the level I asked to be tested on the problem is that I don’t teach yet (unlike most people taking this test) so I lack of experience. I was hoping that if I’d pass I would be able to go to a high school and attend some classes so as to see for real the theories i am studying BUT WE’RE ON VACATIONS!!!!!!

The blessing being that next week I am going to the French Riviera to see my family. this family includes a cousin. This cousin (Tristan) is going to High School. And his is not on vacation yet!!!!
My aunt wrote a letter to ask if I could attend classes there.
Vacations+being able to study and progress= Yesssssssssssss

Oh and I bought my train ticket for Paris. I am going to travel first class. this is going to be a first for me. The best is that if I pass I will be reimbursed this trip. So I really need to pass.
I can’t wait to get there just because I want this to be over.

I may be crazy but if I pass I really want to shot for the other degree. I won’t really need it but I would love to have a higher degree just to prove some people wrong about me.

this is a stupid way to think. Really. These people already did not expect me to graduate from High School let alone university and the mere thought of me becoming a teacher is out of the reach of what they could fathom.
I need to stop trying to prove something.

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