Almost a year

I started blogging last year.
What has changed in a year?
So far nothing much.
I am still poor.
I am still single.
I am still happy to be single.
I am still 5’2″ and still overweight. I have not grown up and I have not lost weight and the first part sucks the most.

I dread to read some of my older posts because I know that I still have some concerns that will take forever to be solved and I think I am kind of burying my head in the sand about it because I really can’t figure out a solution for the moment.
But I am where I was hoping to be about a year ago.
I knew the motivation would wear off a little and that I would have to keep myself motivated, I would have to remember why I am at this point of my life, I would have to remember that it is both my choice and a deal and a matter of trust that God has placed in me.
It has been tough and sometimes it is getting really tough to remain motivated to do good. I mean it is not hard to keep the commandments. This is actually the easier part of the whole thing. the hard part is not to fall in my old habits of being too sarcastic and too critical of anything. It is good to be able to pin point what is wrong but at one point it is not bringing anything constructive and good anymore and one needs to know when to stop.

Oh yes! Something important has changed. I live with my younger sister and this is great. This is really nice to have her. She is…very blond sometimes and she is definitely 18 but she is not too much of a pain. She is often funny and I just love to have her with me. I feel like I have a sister for real now.

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