I think I will stop trying

No seriously. I can’t stop teasing people or laughing at some stupid theories or way to see things.
It does not mean that the person is stupid.
I have a very good example on my mind that I can’t help but chuckling at every time I think of it.

This sister in my ward is someone I love more and more. We have VERY opposite ways to see things and strangely enough is brings us to the same values. I think she is the best example I can think of of someone I will probably never agree with on anything but with who there is much respect on both side.
Anyway, she wrote me this email in which she talked about the idea that “it is very likely” (see my previous post about Mormon dogmatism) that her husband will have to take at least another wife once they are exalted but she has a hard time with it.

First: How do you know you’ll be exalted?
Second: Do you really think that that many women will want to be your husband’s wife? You are really in love with him, aren’t you?
Third: Can you really picture it this way?
Heavenly Father:
“Congratulation M-E! You made it to CK! I am so pleased with you 🙂 As a reward your husband will get several wives. And you get the right to smile about it.”

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaall right. I only told her the last part because the two first (specially the second) could be offensive although I doubt she would be offended by that.

We don’t know ANYTHING about it. We are only told things that we believe and we hope.
But there is one thing that I have learned these past 32 years: God will not ever force us into a situation that we don’t want. We have the right to say “no” here to whatever He wants for us. Why would this right be taken away from us specially after having become so wise and after having mastered ourselves and knowing what is good and what is not good for us?

Now as for myself I am totally for it….I’ll share if he shares!

Comments from my little sister after I told her this: It will be CK not a swinging club for Heaven’s sake!

As I have said. I think I can’t stop teasing people or laughing at some ways to see things and I will stop trying.

2 thoughts on “I think I will stop trying

  1. I love that second one. That’s pretty funny.
    I’ll tell ya, some days I hope there will be others available to help alleviate my hubbys insatiable appetites. LOL
    Of course, I’m pretty sure that at the rate we’re going we won’t even make it to exaltation.

  2. You know, the more I learn about others the more I think that yes, indeed, we will be surprised to find out who made it and who did not. Just consider Brigham Young. If such a racist can make it to CK I think you and I have some good chances too.
    Does not mean that we will. I am just saying that we just don’t know anything about it so we might as well do our best because the surprise may be in our favor after all.

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