Mormon dogmatism

I find it very presumptuous.

“We know that this is true!”
Who is “we”? Because I don’t. I guess I am not a part of the club. Oh well I guess I’ll end up with a lesser glory where things have to be learnt and experienced to say “I know this is true”.


I am an agnostic with a testimony of Joseph Smith. LOL

Let me explain to you what I found out about agnosticism.
There are three major ways to think as an agnostic:

1st I don’t know and I don’t know if it is possible to know.

2nd Someone may know (through a revelation for example) but it is impossible to prove it or to know through a willing action.

3rd It is impossible to know, revelation in its nature itself, being impossible.

This leads to various possibilities from passive atheism to being a part of a church with a clear knowledge that nothing can be proved in this life.

This way to think and to approach religion is to be opposed to dogmatism. And I find interesting that church leaders never use the word “dogmatism” in a way that would make it acceptable in the church or in our way to think. Calling the church an “agnostic” church would be pushing it a little far I think šŸ˜‰ But the truth is that we are encouraged to know for ourselves and not to take anything for granted. In this although we are not pushed toward agnosticism we are indeed pulled away from Mormon dogmatism.
I guess this understanding of this word is to be linked to what I have written previously about faith faith can’t be a perfect knowledge as we are taught in the church but even better, for our own growth (not our own little comfort zone I should say) it needs to be a choice and not “just” a hope. Or maybe an enlighten hope. One that does not come from a mere childish feeling that all is well but from a deeper decision that comes from going through some fires whether they’d be emotional, physical, spiritual or all of them.

1 thought on “Mormon dogmatism

  1. I love it!

    There are lots of things I’ve experienced in a way that allows me to say, “I know _________” – for myself. I just can’t prove any of them. I also am totally open to the idea that I’m basically shooting at a moving target in the dark – and hoping to not get shot by others doing the same.

    Having said that, I’m passionate about sharing my perspective with others – because it has brought me DEEP joy and clarity and peace and assurance.

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