Laura Roslin/Mary McDonnell, my friend Odile and me

Well. It seems that being a geek is something good after all.

Sorry but I had never heard of Mary McDonnell before Battlestar Galactica. I know. Shame on me. But being French should be an excuse good enough I think.
I have seen “dance with wolves” when I was a teen and I did not really like this movie and I remember thinking that “stand with a fist” was absolutely ridiculous. I just wanted to slap the lady you know.
Now that I am a little bit older i think that she did a great job and that I was too young to appreciate her work. But there are some scenes in which I still want to slap her.

But this is not the subject of my post.

This is:

We just don’t know about this disease in Europe and making some search about it on wiki I found out that my country is almost not touched by it.

My attention was caught by another video related to this disease talking about fibromyagiltis being one of the symptoms because my friend Odile has been having it for a long time now and doctors just can’t find why.
When I told her about it last week she told me that she had actually had a tic removed 10 years ago.
This week I talked to her about it and she told me exactly when they have been talking about on youtube: join pains, chronic fatigue etc….

The other thing is that her mother had the same symptoms and she knows her mother had had a tic removed too. Her sister is having the same symptoms but she does not know yet about any tic story.

How many chances are there that it would not be Lyme disease?

If this is. If I am right I will love Mary McDonnell forever.

I usually don’t like when “stars” start being the speaking voice for this or that. But since this was a talk at a university and since I have heard her talking before I thought that I had a chance not to have too many stories that are intended to make you shed a tear or two.
So yes, it was good. I learned something but the most important is that it may (or not) be the thing that enabled me to help my friend.
Odile is going to talk to her doctor as soon as possible and I hope that he will be smart enough to look this way and to interpret the result correctly if this is Lyme disease because to be fair with all the doctors, it is far from being an easy one to have a diagnosis on.

If this is Lyme disease I hope I have a chance someday to thank this lady for being the speaking voice for it and for her great work as an artist because without her I would have never known about it and neither would have had Odile.

4 thoughts on “Laura Roslin/Mary McDonnell, my friend Odile and me

  1. Thank you so much for your kind comment. I am not ill, my friend Odile is as well as her mother and her sister.

  2. It is important to know as much about these things as possible, especially since doctors often are so busy that they sometimes do little more than diagnose the obvious symptoms without tackling the underlying issue – until it gets serious enough to force extensive testing.

    I also cringe sometimes at celebrity causes, but one’s like this that are focused on helping others understand disease are cool.

  3. I hope the information you found will be able to help your friend. It must be so difficult to have symptoms and not be able to know the cause. If they can pinpoint it, I imagine it makes it so much easier? to treat.
    I agree with you and Ray about celebrities and their causes. Only when it’s something like this, it makes me happy.

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