long time no posting

All right. It seems that the teacher I had a problem with last Friday was amazingly mild and professional yesterday.
This whole story is sad.

The good news of the week is that I got my boken so now I have all my weapons.

What else? should I say that I worry for my country? I have talked about it before and I think it is pointless for now to write anything because I don’t have much more to say. I have already expressed my feelings and saying more would just make me low.
The frustrating thing is that all the idiots I am thinking about right now will never have to pay for their behavior because when History do us justice those people will be long dead.
They are driving our country close to civil war and they’re proud of it. Actually, I may be caught up in all the emotions but I have the feeling that it is inevitable.
Oh well…we’re pretty good on food storage so I guess I should not worry for me and my sister but I just hate to see my country in this state. I hate to hear idiots blowing their egos over stupidities. Sometimes I wonder if living in third world country, although hard, is not the way to find peace because their daily concerned are a tiny bit more down to Earth than what I hear and that makes me worry so much for the future.

Anyway, I have been enjoying reading D&C very much lately. there are some commandments in it that are highly disregarded by members in the church. It kind of strengthen my testimony about what I went through a year ago but in the mean time it makes me ask more questions. I used to feel dizzy when trying to answer this questions when I was a child. Dizzy and scared. It still makes me feel this way actually but not as much anymore because I have the feeling that although I grasp a little the concept that THIS is not all and that the best is yet to come.
It is becoming easier to trust God on these questions.

1 thought on “long time no posting

  1. Scary times all around right now I think. I have wondered the same thing myself sometimes, about moving to a third world country, or at least one without so much political nonsense happening. I supppose that place probably doesn’t exist in this realm.
    Sorry, I haven’t been by lately. It’s getting harder and harder to keep up with everything these days. I hate my work schedule. :o( Nice attitude huh’?

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