I am lame

I did something really bad yesterday.
I mean I am not kidding this time.

My job is supposed to be about the students of the high school I work for but most of the time teachers are as much trouble as the kids.

Yesterday one teacher did something stupid and embarrassing for our work again.
He is one of those who does it the most. He is a bad teacher and all the kids know it.
When I say that he is a bad teacher I am not saying that he is mean. I am saying that his place is not in a school.

I got fed up with him and I made it very clear to him.
the problem is that I did it in front of his class.

It is not as if I had endangered his authority because he never had any. But I know it was humiliating even if I did not say anything wrong or did not insult him.

I felt good but guilty in the mean time. I almost apologize when he came to my office and “told” me what had happened. And then I understood that there was no point apologizing because he just won’t get it.
So I still feel guilty and in the mean time I don’t know how to make him understand another way.

First I need to learn to let my anger out in a way that will not hurt others. Kind of contradictory but it is better than to keep it in or to let it out in a way that is wrong.

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