What is worse?

Yesterday was kind of hard at church because I was tired and kind of disappointed that my little sister had come to visit us this week end and I had almost no time with her.

In the nursery I had two little boys crying at two different times (the second one not having seen the first one so he was not mimicking the first one) because they were really sad. Not because they did not want to go to the nursery but because they were sad.

And then, the mother of one of the boys came in.
She did not want to go back to RS.
She got into a fight with another sister.
I did not want to ask her what it was about because I knew not what she would answer but how and I did not feel in shape to deal with her emotion.
The other sister came in and asked her if they could talk.
I don’t know what they said.
Latter I asked my sister (who was giving the lesson) what had happened. Of course, as I expected, they fought over something stupid. The only good point is that they fought over something that was more interesting than the brand of diapers the gospel teaches us to use. You think I am kidding? I am. But sometimes people can be really weird and go almost to this extend.
Anyway I realized really quick that the main issue in this fight was not a misunderstanding but the fact that they were two “young” sisters.
Not “that” young.
One is a little younger than me and the other a little older than me.
But let’s say that they are sisters who are not old enough to have learned that sometimes it is honestly better to let the other talk.
So I am wondering what is worse:
A RS where all the sisters are old, sometimes half senile, and have learned not to go too deep into some answers.
Or a RS with younger sisters who will feel so strongly on some subjects and will go into stupid fights?
I like the fact that our RS is getting a little more alive but I think I will get tired of this really fast.
Yesterday was also challenging spiritually.
I just could not focus on the Sabbath. But I liked to try 🙂

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